Reasons to Speak to an Addiction Recovery Coach in Everett

Reasons to Speak to an Addiction Recovery Coach in Everett

Do you know what a recovery coach is and why you should speak to an addiction recovery coach in Everett?

A recovery coach is someone who uses a strength-based support approach to assist people with addiction. These addictions could include alcohol, other drugs, codependence or addictive behaviours. An addiction recovery coach in Everett will actively work with people struggling with these addictions on their road to recovery.

Looking For A Recovery Coach in Everett? Here Are Their Main Responsibilities

If you’re looking for an addiction recovery coach in Everett, you should know that their main responsibility is to support a client in pursuing their own goals. Even though the recovery coach can be a counsellor or a therapist that diagnosed the addictive behaviour and prescribe the treatment, this is not their focus. To clarify, a recovery coach do not have to be a licensed addiction counsellor.

The focus of the recovery coach is to offer the correct tools and guidance to a person that have already chosen the path that they want to follow. The person has already decided that they need and want to change. The recovery coach will act as the guide on this journey to change.

The responsibilities of the recovery coach include:

  • Helping a person in forming a plan of action – this plan needs to be clear and obtainable.
  • Directing that person to the right resources – these resources could include books, films or other support groups.
  • Providing accountability and support – in some instances, recovery coaches offer 24/7 support.
  • Offering guidance in the development of new behavioural patterns.
  • Helping them view their progress objectively – through active reevaluation.
  • Directing them to sources of sober support.

In short, by speaking to an addiction recovery coach in Everett, you will receive the help needed to navigate the day-to-day process of building a sober life.

What Can You Expect When Signing Up With An Addiction Recovery Coach in Everett?

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Your first point of contact with your addiction recovery coach in Everett will be in person, through a phone call, face time or text. Depending on your need, the recovery coach can act as your sober companion by providing 24/7 support in the form of a halfway house or provide weekly check-ins. The recovery coach can support you and your family during this journey to change.

If you follow the route of weekly meetings with your recovery coach, the coach will start by getting to know you. Understanding your history with substance abuse and your perspective on the matter. This will assist the coach in guiding you in setting clear, obtainable goals and creating a step-by-step process to reach these goals.

It is, however, not good enough to just set goals and create a step-by-step process. You and your recovery coach will have to actively assess your daily processes to determine what is working and what is not working. In assessing your progress, you can continually move forward on your journey to change.

Sage As Your Substance Abuse Recovery Coach in Everett

At Sage Counseling and Coaching, we actively support you in taking daily steps towards attainable goals. As your addiction recovery coach in Everett, we will help you set realistic goals and keep you accountable. We help you to rebuild your lives and relationships one day at a time.

Remember that you and your loved ones are not alone during this struggle. Sage Counseling and Coaching can assist you on your journey to change.

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