Case Management

The transition from residential treatment back into independent living can be a trying time for those in recovery. They are leaving the structure and support of full-time treatment, and must now use the skills they learned in treatment to keep up healthy habits and stay accountable to themselves. For many people in recovery, this time involves finding employment, living as part of a society where the subject of their addiction may tempt them, reintegrating with family life, or reaching out to old friends they may have hurt. It is often the first time that an individual has needed to live daily life while fighting the pull of addiction, and with treatment feeling very fresh it may be particularly difficult to resist urges or cravings.

Our case management services include professional recovery coaching and monitoring as options for clients and family members who are readjusting to life after addiction. This service is highly customizable, and your program will be individually designed to supervise and support each client and family system as needed. We also offer coaching services.

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