Sex Addiction Counseling in Issaquah – The Benefits of Counseling

Sex Addiction Counseling in Issaquah – The Benefits of Counseling

Can sex really be a problem? Do you need sex addiction counseling in the Issaquah area? It is then such a natural part of life, well that is until the moment that it isn’t natural anymore. Sex addiction is not a joke; some with a sex addiction struggle with impulses out of their control.

Sex addiction is not something that you can decide to stop. The first step towards recovery is when you realize and then admit that you have a problem. The next realization that you will have to come to is the fact that you want to change. This is unfortunately not something that can be decided on your behalf. If you are not ready to change, then you will not change.

The last step in your realization is the fact that you need help. It is nearly impossible to overcome a sex addiction without counseling; we at Sage Counseling and Coaching are based in Issaquah and gladly assist you. Let’s look at some of the benefits of counseling.



Sex addiction counseling can help you to reconnect with your partner. People struggling with sex addictions usually put a lot of strain on a relationship. More often than not, people with sex addiction cheat on their partners, adding another distrust and hurt layer in the relationship.

With that therapy and intervention, we can work together with you and your spouse to change your behavior for the better, allowing you to reconnect.

Learn The Difference Between Healthy And Unhealthy Sex


Sex is a natural and beautiful thing, but people with a sex addiction often do not see beauty anymore. They tend to follow their carnal instinct, leaving the person empty and sad after having sex. There is no beauty in it anymore.

In therapy, we will discuss these obsessive emotions; we begin by building your self-esteem back up. In doing this, you will start to feel happy emotions, how it feels to feel good.

We steer you away from negative activities and towards healthy intercourse with someone that cares about you. Again we want you and your partner to reconnect with each other in a healthy relationship.

Address The Underlying Issues

During sex counseling, we delve down to the root cause of your sex addiction. We do not look for the surface symptoms and problems; we take the time to look at your history and where it all begins. By addressing the root problem, we can start to heal you from the core. We follow a holistic approach to our therapy sessions.

Sex Addiction Counseling In Issaquah – Sage Counseling and Coaching

There are numerous other advantages to getting therapy for sex addiction. We at Sage Counseling and Coaching want to help you on your journey. We understand that it might be scary, but we are only a phone call away.

We offer online therapy sessions to make things a little easier for a first-timer; we encourage you to visit us. Join a group session or give us a call. Remember this, and it is crucial! You are not alone!

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You are not alone. Speak with a counselor today.

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