Sex Addiction Therapy In Washington, D.C – Escape The Cycle

Sex Addiction Therapy In Washington, D.C – Escape The Cycle

Is sex a game for you? Or perhaps a conquest? Maybe you are using sex as an excuse to deal with the difficult emotions in your life. If it feels as if you have lost control over your sex life, it might be time to look for sex addiction therapy in the Washington area.

Questions to Ask Yourself

You can ask yourself numerous questions to determine if you have a sex addiction and consider sex addiction therapy. Questions such as:

  • Are you hiding your addiction from your spouse or your family because you are afraid of being discovered?
  • Have you tried and failed to cut back or quit your involvement in sexual behaviors?
  • Are you experiencing negative consequences related to your out-of-control sex life?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, we urge you to take the anonymous sex addiction screening test.

The Sex Addiction Therapy Process in the Washington Area


After completing the anonymous test and deciding to get sex addiction therapy, we will follow a reliable process to assist you. We start with the initial assessment, where we look at your addiction history and the history of your family.

Based on this assessment, we will start to develop a plan of action. The program will include barriers and a safety net. The barriers are there to help guide you to a healthier you. The safety net is the support structure that we are forming around you to assist you through this transition.

Further down the line, we will work towards understanding the root of your addiction. By understanding the root cause, we can start to intervene and redirect you to healthier choices. We want you to not only heal yourself but to work towards healing your relationship or marriage.

We offer different treatment options at Sage Counseling and Coaching, such as education, peer support, ambivalence to acceptance, group therapy, and online counseling. Online counseling is one of our brand new methods to accommodate our patients during the pandemic.

Benefits of Online Sex Addiction Counselling


Sex addiction therapy might seem like something that will be better over a video call; we offer you the ability to join an online therapy session or come to our offices in Issaquah. There are various benefits to joining an online session. Still, please remember that this will depend on you as a person. You and your therapist will have to work together to identify the best counseling medium.

Benefits of online counseling include:

  • Time and cost-saving.
  • There is no commuting; you can access the session anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection and laptop.
  • No awkward waiting room time.
  • Easy access to your counselor from the comfort of your home; you do not need to drive in for a counseling session. It makes it easier for you to attend your appointment.

Get Started

The only way to heal yourself is to get started; at Sage Counseling and Coaching, we are only a phone call away. Give us a call today to begin your healing process.

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